Fresh Draft Makgeolli (생막걸리)

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The Authentic Taste of Korea
Naturally Brewed, Additive-Free (No Aspartame Added)
Fresh Draft Makgeolli (생막걸리)
Crafted in Toronto


Taste the natural sweetness of rice, as it stands as the sole primary ingredient in our makgeolli. Crafted through 3 weeks+ natural fermentation process with nuruk, Wondermak Original strikes a harmonious balance between its inherent sweetness and a subtle hint of acidity.


Wondermak Basil is infused with aromatic Italian basil. It offers delightful crispness, accompanied by sophisticated herbal and floral features. Our light-bodied rice wine carries a gentle hint of spice, and a tangy twist to its flavor profile.


Wondermak Blueberry successfully captures the finest traits of blueberries: a subtle sweetness, slight acidity, and the seductive violet color. As real blueberries are put in along the fermentation process, moderate elevation in body and fruity sweetness is added to the palate.

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