Explore Wondermak, a modern brewery bringing in the latest trends of makgeolli in Korea at the heart of Canada. Toronto has been waiting so long for fresh draft makgeolli and Wondermak has come to fulfill the crave. We are here to take you out on a novel and pleasant adventure with the most conventional beverage of Korea, Makgeolli (생막걸리).


Emerging as Toronto’s premium makgeolli destination, we are on a mission to introduce and elevate this traditional Korean drink to a wider audience, blending heritage with innovation.

The vision of Wondermak is simple: to create delightful moments and connections with our makgeolli. With every sip, we promise a journey that combines the rich heritage of makgeolli with the sophistication of the modern age. Our makgeolli enhances dining with diverse and delicious food pairings, curated from various culinary traditions.


The Best of Both Worlds

While our roots are anchored in the storied history of Korean makgeolli—especially inspired by many revered recipes in the JuBangMun (the Joseon cookbook for food and wine recipes)—, we are not bound by it. Wondermak has successfully applied contemporary standards and modern techniques to traditional recipes that flourished for centuries.

Pure Craftsmanship

Every bottle of Wondermak springs from a commitment to purity. Using only rice, water, and  nuruk, Korea’s traditional fermentor, our makgeolli is crafted by hand. We refrain from using artificial additives, ensuring what you sip is as natural as it gets.

A Symphony of Flavors

Makgeolli is known for its various flavors. We elevate this further by introducing a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer the traditional original, the crispness of basil, or the zing of blueberry, Wondermak has something for everyone. We’re always searching for innovative flavors to keep palates satisfied and curious about what’s coming next in our lineup.