Wondermak Blueberry Draft Makgeolli – 블루베리 생막걸리

Fruity, Bright, and Jammy



Wondermak Blueberry Draft Makgeolli successfully captures the finest traits of blueberries: a subtle sweetness, slight acidity, and the seductive violet color. As real blueberries are put in along the fermentation process, moderate elevation in body and fruity sweetness is added to the palate. Wondermak Blueberry serves as a great base for cocktails, and pairs perfect with desserts such as cheese cake or pies.

Avoid direct sunlight. Best kept refrigerated. Slightly shake the bottle until the sediment is mixed well. Our makgeolli is not carbonated, so don’t worry about it exploding.


Q: What is the shelf life for Fresh Draft Wondermak?

A: Although the back label states 3 weeks after the manufacture date, you can enjoy our makgeolli for up to 2~3 months when you properly store it in a refrigerator.

Q: Is it okay to store it again in a fridge after opening it?

A: Yes, the taste will not change significantly whether it is opened or not if it is stored in a fridge.

Q: Do you add sugar or sweetener to the product? How does it achieve its sweetness?

A: No, we strictly stick to using only rice, water, and nuruk. The sweetness originates from sweet rice (찹쌀). We use approximately 3-5 times the amount of rice used in other commercially produced makgeolli to achieve this sweetness.

Q: I see a few black dots in basil makgeolli. What are they?

A: Those are real basil leaves that are so small they passed through our filter.

Q: Can you recommend some ways to enjoy Wondermak at home?

A: For those who find Wondermak to be strong and thick in taste, we recommend adding some ice cubes. This will lighten and cool the drink for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, if you prefer fizzy makgeolli, try mixing Wondermak with Sprite or sparkling water at a ratio of 1:1 to 1:0.5, depending on your preference.

Q: Can you recommend some food pairings for each flavor?

A: For the original flavor, it pairs well with a wide range of dishes, particularly those with strong spices. Basil Wondermak complements meat and seafood dishes with its herbal and tangy flavours. Blueberry Wondermak’s vibrant color and fruity flavor are an excellent match for desserts.

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